Kitty Hawkk

The High Priestess of Polka Dots

Kitty Hawkk Burlesque

Kitty Hawkk has had a strong desire to take off her clothes in front of a lot of people and sparkle from the start. She was inspired by old timey Circus and Vaudevillian variety shows and tries to bring a bit of comedy and weirdness to the burly world.

She has been performing with Toledo’s T Town Tassels Burlesque Troupe since 2014 and has recently partnered up with Detroit’s own Eris to become the unstoppable duo “Kitty and Eris”.

She has dragged her mannequin “Randy” all over the Midwest and performed in several nationally recognized productions such as Red Devil GoGo at Theatre Bizarre, Electric Forest Music Festival,GoGo at The Dirty Show, and as a competitor at Burlypicks.

She has also been a character actor with Glass City Theatre Collective, Stone Productions, and Rosie The Riveter at Electric Forest and Yankee Air Museum. She is known as the “High Priestess of Polka Dots” and “The Cannibal of Hearts” She’s gonna eat your heart out Detroit!

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