Leena Allure

The Vintage Bombshell

Leena Allure Burlesque Performer

Leena Allure, the vintage bombshell, is an internationally published pin up model turned burlesque starlet.  With her years of experience in front of the camera, posing with classic fluid motions, Leena took her talent of movement to the stage. She is well versed in the style of classic burlesque and belly dance, but she really shines when she takes on her theatrical personas. Through any era or to the end of the world, Leena will always rock her retro curves and old Hollywood looks.

Leena Allure has performed all over the US, but has made Detroit her home. She has teamed up with Holly Hock with the inspiration to fill Detroit up with the beautiful art of burlesque. Not only does she teach at the Detroit School of Burlesque, but is now part of the Detroit Grand Cabaret.

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