Magenta Demure

The Duchess of Detroit

Magenta Demure Burlesque Performer Detroit

Known as the Duchess of Detroit Burlesque, the destroyer of men’s souls and the collector of their tears, Magenta DeMure has a long-standing history of traditional theatrical experience, Magenta brings a unique energy to the stage. Entertaining audiences as a burlesque dancer for 8 years, she brings her many passions to diversify her catalogue of work. From raunchy classic to dark and comedic, Magenta commands the stage and has a lasting impact on the crowd.

In her years as a Detroit burlesque performer, Magenta Demure has been a multi-award winner in the Michigan Burlypicks competition, has been a producer and creative director for theater productions, and has held notable vocal leads in musical theater (her most notable are Magenta and Frankenfurter in Rocky Horror Show and most recently as Cheryl in Evil Dead the Musical). As if that was not enough, she has also added being a very noteworthy MC for various burlesque events.

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