PowndCake Burlesque Performer

PowndCake hails from Detroit, MI. Wait a minute, there’s a better story about her than that…PowndCake is a mess. A hot, chocolatey, mess. Legend has it that PowndCake was born in Chocolate City; a result of the rock-n-roll grind of honey and dark chocolate.

She earned the nickname the Frosting Harlot as a child because she always had a sweet tooth, and stole the hearts of everyone to take their sweets away from them.

She left Chocolate City on the hunt for new sweet adventures, and found herself getting involved in the Michigan pin-up community. Her thirst for glamour turned her on to burlesque! She can now be found mixing up delicious and sultry routines full of surprises, fantasy, desire, and of course sweetness!

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